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6 min readDec 20, 2020


Happy Hampers:


Hamper :A box or a basket of products for special occasions.

Bountiful people would want to render their loved ones a special gift and also affordable at the same time .So keeping all these factors in mind, the total idea behind happy hampers is to deliver customised gifts at plausible prices .We will design an app where a person can choose products and add to his cart, and the added products will directly fall into the hamper maker’s cart. The hamper maker prepares a magnificent hamper and issues it to the delivery person , and the person will deliver the hamper to the respective customer. Many people aspire to gift their loved ones a needy present, here we provide the costumer a slip where he/she is supposed to fill in the details of the event ,and also what he is looking for in a hamper!

the slip speaks the need.”

Keeping both budget and the need we deliver a beautiful present which will make their special occasion a memorable one.

Market demand:

It is always a big question for every individual what to gift people on special occasions ,in that case why not hampers?

A survey can be conducted on this asking every person who would want to gift a pretty hamper instead of wasting their valuable money on gifts which cannot be remembered by the receiver .And the majority will turn out to be “hampers”. I personally take every measure to satisfy the need of person instead of wasting my money on something which is not worth my money and time.

Hampers will be delivered in a pretty box and it will definitely grab everybody’s attention. ”A rich looking gift at a budget friendly cost”.

Relevant products in the market:

There are other websites which provide with hampers but are only affordable by few, but happy hampers furnish the gifts in affordable range. Other hamper companies just lay out a certain picture which has products issued by the company itself ,but Happy hampers came up with a plan where the customer himself can choose the products conforming to his need.

Targeted customers:

Nowadays nobody has time to select gifts and pack them accordingly .These hampers can draw attention of masses ,as the box will be crafted fairly by inventive artists. A student with a slighter amount of pocket money would expect the gift to be swanky, here we captivate him with approachable offers.

Every person with an urge to buy a swish product will unquestionably be earmarked!

Required knowledge:

There are many tools for python development:

· Django

· Pyramid

· Bottle

Software can be developed using these platforms. Django has a nature of being an open source python, hence it got to the top place .Also ,turboGears is one of the best software used to develop an application.

There are many other tools to develop an application:

· Android studio

· Eclipse

· Fabric

When an application is ready to use, it can be effortlessly found in the playstore where anyone can comfortably download it in their mobiles .The app here gathers the information about the event, gender, budget, and it also lets the person to choose his products and add them to his cart.

We will have to collaborate with a wholesale store where we can just buy all the required products in bulk and send them to the hamper makers. Here, both sellers and buyers are benefited. The products are sold in majority hence reducing the maximum retail price on every outcome.

Coming to then hardware resources we need to hire creative artists with impeccable crafting skills. We supply all the items or stationary needed ,a hamper maker is supposed to just look after how to design the box in a unique way ,rest all is taken care by other employees.

Other employees here are meant to take care of the issued products and make sure the items delivered are not damaged.

When the work of other employees and hamper makers is done, delivery person transports the order to the customer safely.


This app can be written using switch case programming code where we give the customer a vast variety of choices.

The customer is supposed to choose between given options therefore, preparing a list of required things internally. The gathered information is sent to hamper makers and they make the order exactly which matches the customer’s expectation.

Estimated budget:

The whole budget is totally dependent on the machine learning and AI required for the software developement and also how the human labourers charge and the machines required to print the company details or precisely ,to manufacture company’s own cardboard needed for boxes or baskets. Also, the marketing or advertising of this product will cost a bit high compared with other factors.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services and is on demand factor which collects information and stores it without direct active management of the user.

This is one of the factors which cost the company a little more as in these times, everything is online and easy going for everybody.

Product pricing:

This idea requires the estimated budget needed for all the purchases right from buying goods to dispencing it to the customer .Accordingly ,all the marketing schemes and employees salary is to be kept in mind.

As the main idea behind this company is to deliver budget friendly hampers to as many as possible , we just charge for the products at maximum retail price. The profit from this idea can be available from the wholesale seller.

Marketing plan:

We can create a website which shows up when a person is searching for something related to gifts. As we know the main target of our company is common man and also students, we can use social media as a marketing platform. Facebook and Instagram are the most used social media platforms these days. We can advertise with the help of celebrities as they have many followers and by this we can actually gain many customers.

We can also stick posters in local cafes where people usually show up the most. We can also sponsor other events which will definitely draw the eyes of thousands.

Risk analysis:

Any start up idea will definitely have enough risk. No investor expects a risk free plan. Most projects fail for reasons that could have been predicted far in advance. Sometimes, the company may run out of money in some way. Also, as this is a business idea and is open to everyone , there is a high risk of competition in this field. Web-based businesses are highly prone to risk. Nevertheless, the artists are supposed to come up with different ideas frequently so as to put this company on the top.

Timeline and milestones:

There are many things to keep in mind before we start any business. Legal procedures like filing papers of incorporation, partnership and also getting a patent reserved on the company’s name is important. Finding office or manufacturing space is much needed.

Also, without securing the permits we cannot proceed. We are supposed to hire employees and have to launch the marketing campaign. Right after setting up all these milestones, we need to put alot of effort in advertising hampers. This idea should not just lay out for intermediate purposes. We may also plan to expand this company throughout the country.

For this start-up we will atleast need a couple of months to set up all the required goods and human labour. Also we need to take take to find out the best artists from every corner.

The above gantt chart shows the amount of time required for the whole processing of this start up idea. The total time between buying goods from the seller and delivering it to the respected customer.